General director
Dr. Anatoly R. Belkin
(in Russian)


Ladies & Gentlemen!

Our specialists are eager to conduct for you independent expert investigations of the following kinds:

  • 1. Handwritings expertise (determination of the handwritings (signature) performer, his/her age, gender, additional performing conditions), grapho-analytical investigations of personal characteristics.
  • 2. Technical expertise of documents and securities (technical examinations of handwritings and signatures, stamps, paper, print materials; authenticity validation and providing recommendations for forgery prevention).
  • 3. Author identification for different kinds of texts.
  • 4. Forensic linguistic expertise (determination and analysis of abusive text fragments etc).
  • 5. Phonoscopic/phonografic investigation of tapes and films.
  • 6. Fire investigations and electro-technological expertise.
  • 7. Different kinds of food and beverage expertise.
  • 8. Ecological expertise and passportization.
  • 9. Chemical & physical technological expertise of matters and substances.
  • 10. Forensic psychiatric & psychological examinations.
  • 11. Dubious paternity validation (genetic typoscopy) and other forensic medical investigations.

Our expert groups incorporate best experts of Russia. Our consultants will help you to assess the cost of a project or the size of damage, to choose an optimal strategy and to work out a concrete approach to its realization.

    Effectiveness, quality, absence of prejudices - that's the motto of
    Institute for Independent Research!

    Appealing to us you are right!

    68-3 Mira prospekt, Moscow 129110, Russia

    Phone: +7 (499) 265.32.68.